ProCAD was a software platform intended to be used by clinicians (radiologists/urologists) to aid in diagnosing prostate cancer. ProCAD is intended to be used to help perform direct diagnosis of abnormalities of physiological processes from a previously acquired multi-parametric prostate MR study that includes any number of t1/t2-weighted, diffusion-weighted and DCE series. In addition, ProCAD enables the manual measurement of distances in order to calculate the volume and PSA density of the prostate and to automatically compute quantitative pharmacokinetic parameter images from the DCE series that allow the detection of tissue-vascularity abnormalities. A predefined layout of computed pharmacokinetic parameter images in combination with the other acquired MR images plus the estimated prostate volume and PSA density enable radiologists, using ProCAD, to quickly diagnose prostate cancer.

ProCAD was CE marked for distribution within Europe since May 2013 and TGA marked for distribution in Australia since Nov 2013 and is currently not being maintained.